Thursday, March 24, 2011


First off, the trailer was compelling.  We have heard all noodled the idea around.  We only use around 12% (many not even that much!) of our brain, what if we used the entire thing.  Anytime, a concept that you have considered since you were young is portrayed in a movie, there is always a cool buzz that goes along with it.  That buzz ended about an hour into the movie.

The movie started out with potential.  Bradley Cooper plays the part of an unhygienic writer (Eddie Morra) who is struggling finding the words to begin his new book.  While sulking after just having his girlfriend broke up with him, Morra bumps into an old friend (ex-wife's brother to be exact) who has a drink with him and gives him a pill that he claims is able to have him use 100% of his brain.  After some reluctance and doubt, Mora finally decides to pop the pill and from hill the movie begins to crash.

First off, this may not bug some people, but for me, it does.  Considering that we currently use approximately 10-12% of our brain and we were able to open up 100% usage somehow, I would expect there to be much more we could do besides being able to read quickly and remember old memories.  This would be almost 10 times the power we have currently, which in my mind, would be pretty incredible.  In fact, I believe the movie, Phenomenon, more accurately portrays what to expect if we could use more of the brain.  Like I said, this may not bother you, but it bothered me.

There are far too many plot holes the turn up the last hour of the movie, but to sum it all up, lets just say I left the movie firstly, not really even knowing how it ended, and secondly, still wondering how about five different events were able to happen.

For the most part, I am sure there will be plenty of people who are entertained by Limitless.  Americans have become so easily entertained and stimulated that making movies nowadays does not take much creativity (see Transformers).  For me, it was a movie with potential, that failed miserably due to shallow writing and serious plot holes.  To give credit where it is due, I was actually impressed with some of the directing in cinematography, especially at the beginning.  However, that was all overshadowed by the bad story line.  I'm sure Bradley Cooper will have more success with Hangover 2.

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